Do you know about deed-restricted communities? Many of our communities here are deed-restricted.

This means there are rules put in place by the homeowners association pertaining to the land use and look of the neighborhood. HOA fees in these communities can range from less than $200 a year to several thousand for gated communities with lots of amenities.

The pros of these rules are that you have architectural and neighborhood standards in place and aesthetics are established. They will be well adhered to by everyone in the neighborhood. You will always be in the neighborhood that has the look that you bought into and your home values won’t ever be dragged down by your neighbors because they’re not taking care of their home or yard.

“In deed-restricted communities, the look of the neighborhood is well-established and won’t change.”

On the con side, there are rules and restrictions like not being able to park an RV or boat trailer in the yard. You can’t restore your ‘57 Chevy in the driveway or paint your house purple. You might have to get things approved with the HOA as well, like the height of a fence. Many of these things aren’t a big deal, but it will be a deal-breaker for some people.

If you’re thinking about moving into an HOA community, talk to your agent first and make sure they give you the HOA documents before you decide. If you have any questions I can answer or I can help you make the move to Florida in any way, give me a call soon. I’d be glad to help.